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34 thousand employees learn about the new Performance Management System in the Federal Government

Wednesday June 10, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) held 3 virtual workshops to familiarize employees of ministries and federal entities with the most important amendments to the Performance Management System (PMS) for Federal Government employees, launched by the Authority in its amended version recently, following approval by the Cabinet, vide Resolution No (35) of 2020.

 In this regard, HE Aisha Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of HR Policies Sector at the Authority, explained that the three electronic training workshops were highly interactive and well received, with nearly 34,000 Federal Government employees following their proceedings. The third and last workshop received   the lion's share of followers, surpassing 16 thousand employees.

HE said: “The Authority turned the electronic PMS into smart through the Human Resources Information Management Information System in the Federal Government (Bayanati) in 2014. We will continue to hold training workshops for Federal Government employees and virtual sessions for the public using webinar live streaming tech. This technology has proven to be a great success providing an opportunity for the Federal Government employees and the general public to participate in the Authority’s workshops and various activities, regardless of their geographical location.”

She added that the workshops focused on familiarizing employees of ministries and federal bodies with the most important amendments to the new version of PMS for the Federal Government employees, noting that it was the second amendment on the system. The amendment, according to HE, reflected keenness to keep pace with developments and support government employees’ performance appraisal.

 His Excellency Aisha Al Suwaidi stated that the modernization of the performance management system comes from the authority’s keenness to update the human resources policies, legislations and systems in force at the federal government level, to keep pace with local and global developments and changes, and to achieve the visions and aspirations of the state, and the direction of its rational leadership, until the UAE is one of The best countries of the world at all levels.

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