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FAHR launches the Smart Recruitment platform (Istiqtab) in the Federal Government

Sunday May 17, 2020

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) has launched a new platform for smart recruitment (Istiqtab) at the Federal Government level. The system is enhanced with AI technologies and allows matching vacancies to job seekers, and will also support employers in selecting the most suitable candidates based on certain job descriptions.

 In this regard, HE Leila Obaid Al Suwaidi, Executive Director of Programs and Human Resources Planning Sector at the Authority stressed that  “Istiqtab” is a smart platform for employment, and will help ministries and federal entities to choose the most suitable candidates for vacancies, by making use of artificial intelligence technologies, as it is based on previous search and employment records of entities, and builds upon the current and future directions in search for top talents.

 She said: “The Smart Recruitment System will help HR departments and officials find the best candidates for jobs easily and electronically in light of the large number of employment applications, rather than searching in a manual way that would represent a real burden on recruitment directors to select only one candidate, wasting much time and effort.

 “To address these issues, we worked at the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources to develop a smart central recruitment system, which will enable the entities to choose the best candidates for jobs, in an easy and automated way, which serves the Federal Government’s direction  to attract and retain the best talents.”

 Salwa Abdullah: "Istiqtab" is rich in smart features and indicators

 For her part, Salwa Abdullah, Director of Projects and Programs at the Authority, explained that the Smart Recruitment System "Istiqtab" is rich in smart features and indicators, as it will enable human resources officials to search in a common database that brings together job seekers, with an automatic filtering system for competencies and hidden skills in personal resumes. It will also provides a dashboard full of important information, regarding the comprehensive recruitment process, with many important statistics, which help in making wise decisions, she added.

 Salwa Abdullah concluded: “The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources recently launched its strategic artificial intelligence plan for  human resources in 2019, including a set of initiatives and projects enhanced with artificial intelligence technologies. The plan serves human resources in the Federal Government in several areas such as: training and development, productivity measurement, employment, and predictive reporting on future human resource trends in the Federal Government.

 “These projects are a great leap forward towards a future government,    upgrade the skills of the government workforce and boost its performance and efficiency. Moreover, these projects, enhanced with AI technologies, represent an important platform in the field of qualitative upgrading of government work mechanisms, supporting decision-makers in the federal entities, and enabling them to manage their human resources efficiently, according to a methodology. The projects will also help strengthen the skills of Federal Government employees, especially in light of emergency conditions prevailing today.”

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